Saturday, October 10, 2009

5 Steps to Picking Your Perfect PASSOVER Hotel Program

Once you've selected your passover destination, the next step is to choose your hotel. If you are particular about your hotel, you may need to pick your hotel before your destination or you might end up switching locations a couple of times. Play around with it and keep your options open. Many destinations are similar - white sandy beaches or mountain skiing - but your passover hotel will make all the difference. You will be spending a lot of time at the hotel or in your room, so do the research.

1. Choose the location of your hotel. Do you want to be by an incredible golf course? In warm weather? This will narrow down your selection quiet a bit.
2. How much can you spend? You may be surprised how affordable a Passover vacation can be when you factor that all meals, accommodations, activities and events are included in the price.
3. What type of hotel do you want to stay out? Hotels can vary from couples-only, adult-only, all-inclusive, large resorts, small boutique hotels... We recommend a resort that has wonderful grounds to roam.
4. What kind of room or suite do you imagine? You will be spending quality time in your hotel room, so keep this in mind when picking your hotel.
5. Amenities? Hotel costs usually increase as the number of amenities increases. If you're planning on spending most of your time away from your hotel ~ sightseeing, shopping, excursions... then the number of amenities shouldn't be very important. If you don't want to leave your resort, then the amenities are key! Here is a list of important resort amenities to consider:
o Tea Room availability
o Concierge
o Golf center
o Fitness center
o Great Pool
o Live entertainment
o Kids Club
o Adult activities
o Quality food
o Spa ~ Massage
o Access to main attractions in Coral Gables and Miami

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